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Following are all flights compared from Sydney, New South Wales, Australia to South Korea. We compare cheap one-way and round trip flights to all destinations including Seoul - Incheon, Seoul, Busan and more from Sydney. Cheap flights to South Korea from Sydney include fares from airlines including Vietnam Airlines (VN), China Southern Airlines (CZ), Air China (CA), Qantas Airways (QF). Discount return Sydney to South Korea air fares start at $735.63 from Vietnam Airlines (VN) to $1596.33 from Air China (CA). Airfares may include deals departing Sydney (SYD) for non-stop or multi-legged economy, business and first class tickets to South Korea (KR).

Cheap Flights to South Korea from Sydney

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Visiting South Korea from Australia

South Korea, or the Republic of Korea is a popular destination for Australian tourists due to the availability of cheap flights from Australia to South Korea. These flights are available due to the proximity of South Korea to Australia. South Korea has a very high standard of living, and most of the country's tourism and industry take place in the capital, Seoul. Korea has very unique cuisine, a nightlife that doesn't stop and a very rich cultural history. Korean food is one of the big draws for tourism in South Korea. Many westerners enjoy traditional Korean Barbecue, along with kimchi, which is fermented cabbage. A traditional rice wine, shochu, is often enjoyed with Korean meals. Korea's cultural history is a mix of the cultures in the region. With influences from Japan, China, and even the

Sydney, Australia Travel Information

Sydney, Australia is one of the most diverse cities a person can choose when planning a holiday. Sydney is also considered by many travellers as one of the world's most beautiful cities for numerous reasons. With brilliant skyscrapers, live entertainment and lovely beaches, the thriving metropolis of Sydney has much to offer holidaymakers from around the world. Guests can spend the day on one of Sydney's 40 beautiful beaches, enjoy a walk through one of its impressive museums, or dance the night away at an exciting local club. Landmarks and Attractions In addition to impressive landmarks such as the Sydney Harbour Bridge and the world famous Sydney Opera House, holidaymakers can visit the Royal National Park where a stunning collection of rock carvings can be found. Additionally, there are an

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