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Flying WithDepartingReturningClassPrices From (AUD)
Singapore AirlinesSingapore Airlines21 May 201430 May 2014Economy$784.37
Malaysia AirlinesMalaysia Airlines13 May 201422 May 2014Economy$975.87
Malaysia AirlinesMalaysia Airlines09 May 201416 May 2014Economy$981.87
Malaysia AirlinesMalaysia Airlines12 May 201421 May 2014Economy$997.97
Malaysia AirlinesMalaysia Airlines17 May 201426 May 2014Economy$1,003.97
Malaysia AirlinesMalaysia Airlines21 April 201427 April 2014Economy$1,057.62
Malaysia AirlinesMalaysia Airlines23 April 201430 April 2014Economy$1,078.42
Malaysia AirlinesMalaysia Airlines24 April 201401 May 2014Economy$1,085.32
Malaysia AirlinesMalaysia Airlines24 April 201405 May 2014Economy$1,087.32
Malaysia AirlinesMalaysia Airlines19 April 201419 April 2014Economy$1,098.42
Malaysia AirlinesMalaysia Airlines22 April 201430 April 2014Economy$1,113.42
Malaysia AirlinesMalaysia Airlines30 April 201430 April 2014Economy$1,128.87
Malaysia AirlinesMalaysia Airlines12 May 201424 May 2014Economy$1,151.07
Malaysia AirlinesMalaysia Airlines29 April 201429 April 2014Economy$1,155.47
Malaysia AirlinesMalaysia Airlines28 April 201407 May 2014Economy$1,157.07
Malaysia AirlinesMalaysia Airlines26 April 201411 May 2014Economy$1,157.67
Malaysia AirlinesMalaysia Airlines04 May 201411 May 2014Economy$1,163.37
Malaysia AirlinesMalaysia Airlines04 May 201414 May 2014Economy$1,163.67
Malaysia AirlinesMalaysia Airlines05 May 201414 May 2014Economy$1,177.60
Qantas AirwaysQantas Airways19 April 201401 May 2014Economy$1,203.89
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Imagine sandy white beaches, swaying palm tree, and an ancient exotic culture that is
Cheap Flights to Phuket
as warm and inviting as it is intriguing. Does that sound good? If so, then perhaps you should consider taking a trip to Phuket, Thailand's largest island.

Phuket has long been famous for being a premier vacation destination. What many Australians may not realize however, if just how affordable a trip to this tropical paradise is. Cheap flights to Phuket abound and you could find yourself enjoying the warmth of the sun's rays on a picturesque beach in just a matter of hours.
While Phuket is of course known for its spectacular coastline the island has more to offer visitors than just a pretty shore. If a tourist decides they need a break from just lounging on the beach, they can visit one of the area's many attractions.

There is the Two Heroine's Monument which commemorates two women who raised a local contingent to fight off Burmese invaders in the 18th century. Visitors can also see the Thalang National Museum which showcases a large number of artifacts that are examples of traditional local culture. Tourists can even visit the Khao Phra Thaeo Wildlife Conservation Development and Extension Centre whose mission it is to promote the protection of the local ecology.

So if you are looking for a vacation that will stay with you for a lifetime, consider a trip to beautiful and exotic Phuket, Thailand.

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