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Following are all flights compared from Karratha, Australia to Denpasar Bali, Indonesia. We compare cheap one-way and round-trip flights to all Indonesian destinations including Karratha airport from airlines including Garuda Indonesia (GA), Virgin Australia (VA). Discount return air fares to Denpasar Bali returning to Karratha start at $1012.35 from Virgin Australia (VA) to $5634.51 from Garuda Indonesia (GA). Airfares and cheap flights to Denpasar Bali (DPS), Indonesia (ID) may include deals for non-stop or multi-legged economy, business and first class tickets departing from Denpasar Bali (DPS).

Cheap Flights to Denpasar Bali from Karratha

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Tourism in Denpasar

Located in Indonesia, Denpasar is the capital and largest city of
Cheap Flights to Denpasar Bali
the island of Bali. While not yet a common tourist destination, the attractions the city has to offer are excellent and often surprising and the city is quickly modernizing to offer conveniences to those who visit. As foreigners are not yet common, it is inexpensive and easy for tourists to enjoy traditional food, drink and accommodations. Denpasar is a melting pot of different cultures from all over Indonesia, which means that there are endless options for flavors, styles and types of the different regional and ethnic Indonesian cuisines. Local taxi drivers and hotel owners are more than happy to give re


Karratha is a town in Western Australia. It joins the Port of Dampier located within the Pilbara region. It was built during the 1960s to house a quickly expanding workforce that surrounded the Hamersley Iron Mining Company. In the 1980s it also served to accommodate the employees of the oil and natural gas refineries of the North West Shelf Venture. The name of the city comes from the title of the cattle station, which the town had to claim in order to redevelop. In the local Aboriginal language, Karratha means 'soft earth' or 'good soil.' This was an ode to the excellent soil that Kerratha possessed. The seat of government for the Shire of Roeburne is also located here. Karratha is about 1500 kilometers North of the city of Perth. It possesses nine main suburbs, Karratha Town Centre, Bulgarra, Pegs Creek, Millars Well,

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