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Following are all flights compared from Brisbane, Queensland, Australia to Johannesburg, South Africa. We compare cheap one-way and round-trip flights to all South African destinations including Brisbane airport from airlines including Singapore Airlines (SQ), Qantas Airways (QF), Emirates (EK), South African Airways (SA). Discount return air fares to Johannesburg returning to Brisbane start at $1923.58 from Qantas Airways (QF) to $5717.42 from South African Airways (SA). Airfares and cheap flights to Johannesburg (JNB), South Africa (ZA) may include deals for non-stop or multi-legged economy, business and first class tickets departing from Johannesburg (JNB).

Cheap Flights to Johannesburg from Brisbane

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With cheap flights from Sydney to Johannesburg every day, it is e
Cheap Flights to Johannesburg
asy to see why Australian tourists are making this fine city a top tourist destination. Johannesburg, also called "Jozi" or "Jo'burg", is a bustling city in South Africa, being one of the 40 largest metropolitan cities worldwide. Once you have arrived, there will be plenty to do, see and taste in this fast-paced city. The people of Johannesburg will greet you with a smile and they will give you plenty of opportunity to get to know their culture. Some of the best shopping can be found on the African Flea Market, where some of the most interesting pieces of African craftwork can be purchased at unbelievably low prices.


Brisbane is the capitol of Queensland in Australia. Besides being Queensland's active capitol, it is also the third most populated city in Australia. The name 'Brisbane' comes from the riverbanks' on which it sits. In turn, the river itself gets its name from one Thomas Brisbane, who served as the Governor of New South Wales during the early 19th century. Before the settlement of whites in the area, the land was inhabited by the Turrbal and Jagera aboriginals. In 1799, Matthew Flinders discovered the area and originally landed at 'Woody Point,' which is its present name. Later on, an explorer named John Oxely set off with a party to further survey the territory. He was the man who originally named the river 'Brisbane,' and it was at his suggestion that a settlement be created at Woody Point, or what was then called 'Red C

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