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Brisbane is the capitol of Queensland in Australia. Besides being Queensland's active capitol, it is also the third most populated city in Australia. The name 'Brisbane' comes from the riverbanks' on which it sits. In turn, the river itself gets its name from one Thomas Brisbane, who served as the Governor of New South Wales during the early 19th century. Before the settlement of whites in the area, the land was inhabited by the Turrbal and Jagera aboriginals. In 1799, Matthew Flinders discovered the area and originally landed at 'Woody Point,' which is its present name. Later on, an explorer named John Oxely set off with a party to further survey the territory. He was the man who originally named the river 'Brisbane,' and it was at his suggestion that a settlement be created at Woody Point, or what was then called 'Red Cliff Point.' It was a convenient site. Ships could easily reach the port because of the steady tide. However, there was no constant water source so the colony was moved a little farther about 17 miles south, and that is where modern Brisbane now sits.

There are many local attractions in Brisbane that tourists can enjoy. One of the most popular is the Lone Pine Koala Sanctuary. Australia is the only continent on which Koalas live and subsequently naturally thrive. At the sanctuary, guests can get an up close and personal view of these marsupials. It is only about 5 miles from the city's centre, presenting a fabulous view of Australian wildlife. Riverlife Adventure Centre offers guests the chance to do everything from roller-skating to rock climbing. You can also get an amazing kayaking adventure out of it!

The South Bank Parklands is a unique entertainment option. You can choose from shopping, dining, exploring a lagoon, picnicking, strolling along the lovely grounds or letting your children play at the well-groomed playgrounds. There is a large pool and a beach area. It is the best place to visit, not only because it is clean and fun, but because it is absolutely free.

If you are flying into Brisbane, there is an international airport that also serves as the door to the Queensland area. It is a nice place to fly into, and you won't have to worry about taking an indirect flight to where you want to go, as with some of the smaller towns on Queensland's coast.

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